State Nutrition Mission,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

What are the facts to be kept in mind by the female adolescents for her health and nutrition?

  • The stage of adolescence continues from the age of 10 to 19 years, this is the stage when the physic grows rapidly, due to which female adolescents require more nutrition, if the nutrition is not provided during the stage of adolescence and female adolescents remain under-nutrited, she develops as a weak mother.
  • To keep themselves secure from anemia, the female adolescents are required to take 1 big iron folic acid tab. (100mg elemental iron) once in a week till 52 weeks of the year. This tablet is available in school & anganwari centers.
  • Use Albendazol or any other de-worming tab. at the interval of 6 months of a year for preventing worm problem.
  • Encourage female adolescents to follow all the rules of hygiene and cleanliness during menstruation, give them information regarding sanitary napkins. Sanitary napkins are available from class 6th to class 12th in all the government schools of rural area.
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  • Inform the female adolescents regarding issues of early marriage, nutrition, genital issues and issues of contraception, self-respect, issues of breeding health, addictions & non-contagious diseases.

What are the bad effects of frequent pregnancy/conception, and what are the advantages of family planning?

  • Frequent pregnancy in short intervals, the mother becomes physically week due to which the born child also gets week.
  • It takes 3 years for mother to prepare herself physically in order to be pregnant for the next time, thus family planning is the most appropriate method.
  • Mother and infants may remain healthy as result of family planning and in such condition both of them may be prevented from malnutrition.
  • The responsibility of family planning is required to be carried equally by the males along with the females and appropriate means are available for both of them.

What are the methods to be followed for controlling the birth of the child up to 2 years after the marriage & maintain the interval of 3 years between the births of 2 children?

  • The possibility of pregnancy for the 2nd time may be restricted by the breast feeding of the infants regularly for 6 months. Following facts are to be kept in mind-
  • Only breast feeding for 6 months.
  • 2Repetition of menstruation is restricted for the 2nd time.

Methods of family planning

  • Condom
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Emergency contraceptive pills (ECP- as per the advice of the doctor)
  • Copper-T (interval method)
  • Copper-T after the delivery
  • DMPA injection (contraceptive vaccination)
  • All the methods and advices regarding family planning are available free of cost at government health centers