State Nutrition Mission,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

   Life Camp

Reducing maternal and infant mortality and maternal and child malnutrition in the integrated health services to reduce the district Shravasti a campaign to be made available at the door. The campaign to save the lives of children aged 0 to 5 is an effort, therefore, has been named the campaign life. In the first phase of the campaign all 130 district centers (123 A.N.M center of urban centers and 7) from the date 26-11-2014 to 10-12-2014 camp life were held, in which more than a million people Medical services were provided. Details as follows: -

  1. Each 'life' camp A.N.M pregnant and lactating women and the center of villages belonging to all children from 0 to 05 years have been registered. Feed for regular monitoring and tracking data were computer.
  2. In these camps, health, child development, panchayat, Upasitht by education officials and staff were staying obligations collectively.
  3. Participants in camp life, health, sanitation, clean water, etc., detailed information regarding the account.
  4. Participants to display the importance of washing hands with soap reported. To encourage hand washing with soap Prvritit each woman a soap free fees were distributed.
  5. Camp as the Janani Suraksha Yojana 102 ambulance service offerings, free inquiry, free meals in the hospital 03 days; Speaking about paying amount of 1400-00 led to the institutional delivery.
  6. Archival of weight measurement is being done of all pregnant women and children of age-group of 0-5 years.
  7. By mapping of malnourished women and children and Highly malnourished intensive monitoring of their health is being arranged.
  8. All pregnant and lactating women and children a month supplementary nutrition snacks hot and cooked food were distributed under the scheme.
  9. Nutrition has been doubled of the bookmarked highly malnourished children.
  10. Highly malnourished children need health nutrition rehabilitation center referred to intensive monitoring of their health system is effective.
  11. Often it is being complaint that post institutional delivery, the amount of Janani Suraksha Yojna is not being granted to the postnatal women on time and they have to roam around unnecessarily in order to open the bank account and receive the amount. So, bank account of all pregnant women has been opened in the camp. In future, the amount of Janni Surakhsha Yojna will be transferred directly into their account.
  12. All pregnant lactating women, as all the necessary checks were carried out in A.N.C.P.N.C camp. The Blood Pressure, Peshab, hemoglobin main.
  13. Camp diarrhea, pneumonia, anemia, while conscious of deadly diseases discussed the prevention and treatment measures.
  14. All essential services in camp and mainly iron folic acid, zinc, O.R.S, Amoxicillin were distributed.
  15. Vaccination of all pregnant women in the camp as Tetanus Toxide, kids B.C.G, D.P.T, J.E, hepatitis B, Measles have been done. The children were given vitamin A supplements.