State Nutrition Mission,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

   Organizational Structure

Office Notification

According to the National Family Health Survey-III conducted during different intervals with regard to health of children and their malnutrition problem, it has been assessed that the weight of 42% children of Uttar Pradesh is lesser than the normal and every 2nd/second child of the state is malnutrition. The probability of mortality rate of the malnutrition children is 9 times more than the normal and healthy children. As per the survey report of World Health Organization (WHO) one of the most important parameter to assess the quality of health and nutritious services provided by any country, its province is the parameter fixing the ratio of height & weight of children on which the malnutrition of the child may be diagnosed on the basis of his/her weight being lesser to the fixed ratio. Aanganwari centers are functioning Integrated Child Development Scheme being co-ordinated by Child Development Service and Nutrition Dept.UP Govt and efforts are being made by them to eliminate the problem of malnutrition by distributing complementary nutritious diet to children, both sex adolescents, female children and pregnant/conceived women. Pre-delivery check-ups of mother & child, vaccination and distribution of Iron/Folic Acid tablets and treatment of seriously malnutrition children by the camp of nutrition rehabilitation centers of selected districts are being executed by Medical Health and Family Welfare Dept. on rural health and nutrition day.

Viewing the problem of malnutrition in the state, decisions after appropriate deliberations have been taken to constitute State Nutrition Mission, so that effective solution may be provided. With a view to meeting out this problem effective action plan is to be carved out by entering into mutual co-ordination with other concerned departments. In this continuation the solution of the problem is to be worked out by making realistic assessment of malnutrition at district level, block development level and village level, by keeping up the up-to-date data and by carving out a proper strategy. Effective utilization with the co-ordination and convergence of various schemes being conducted by Medical and Health dept., Women and Child Development Nutrition Dept. and various other departments may be achieved. Effective solution of this problem can be realized by making immediate and long term action plan with the co-operation of State Govt., Govt. of India and UNICEF. Thus the State Nutrition Mission by establishing co-ordination and by initiating immediate action in the fixed time period will realize the goal of effective solution with regard to problem of malnutrition in the children.

The form of committees to be constituted for effective implementation and functioning of the State Nutrition Mission is as follows:-

Executive Committee
1 Chief Secretary, Govt. of U.P.     Chairman
2 Principal Secretary, Women and Child Development Nutrition Dept. Member
3 Principal Secretary, Medical Health & Family Welfare Dept. Member
4 Principal Secretary, Medical Education Dept.    Member
5 Principal Secretary, Finance Dept.       Member
6 Principal Secretary, Rural Development Member
7 Principal Secretary, Food & Civil Supplies       Member
8 Principal Secretary, Planning Member
9 Principal Secretary, Panchayati Raj Member
10 Principal Secretary, Basic Education Member
11 State Re-preventative, UNICEF    Member
12 Director General, State Nutrition Mission   Member Secretary
Duties & Obligations
  1. The Quarterly meeting of the committee will be called under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Govt. of U.P.
  2. The Quarterly program/progress report of the State Nutrition Mission will be prepared and accordingly the decisions will be taken on the action plan of the mission.
  3. Decisions will be taken on the basis of the capability of the State Nutrition Mission in establishing co-ordination with concerned departments and its capability in utilizing inter-departmental resources.