State Nutrition Mission,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

   Organizational Structure
Implementation Committee
Director General, State Nutrition Mission   


Director General, Family Welfare          Member
Director, I.C.D.S. Member
Join Director, MCH            Member
Join Director, I.C.D.S. Member
District Chief Medical Officer (Five members)   Member
District D.P.O.’s (Five members)            Member
District C.D.P.O.’s (Five members)                  Member
Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF Member
Member nominated by Director General, State Nutrition Mission Member Secretary
Duties & Obligations
  1. Meeting of the committee will be called from time to time under the chairmanship of Director General, Nutrition Mission.
  2. The compliance and the implementation of action taken will be reviewed by the Director General, Nutrition Mission.
  3. The State Nutrition Mission will assess the program undertaken and review the progress in view of availability of resources and will present the study report accordingly.
Merits of State Nutrition Mission:
  1. The above Mission will be constituted in the form of society, the tenure of which will be of three years. The tenure of the mission will be extended after the decisions taken on the basis of the assessment and review of the action plan made and objectives achieved during the above period.
  2. The corpus fund for the activities and daily action plan of the Mission will be obtained from the National Village Health Mission (NRHM).
  3. On minimum necessity standards, Officers and Employees will be employed by means of deputation/ outsourcing for fulfilling the objectives of the Mission.
  4. The activities of the Mission will be based on survey, capability of weight measurement and supply of necessary nutritive products. Necessary standards will be determined separately for fulfilling this objective.
  5. The State Nutrition Mission is an independent and autonomous institution to be run by Officers/Employees of the Institution.