State Nutrition Mission,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

   About State Nutrition Mission
Formation of State Nutrition Mission -

There is a need for dedicated body which can holistically review and monitor nutrition schemes/interventions being implemented for the mothers and under threes; indentify implementation gaps suggest innovations, coordinate actions and efforts across departments responsible for maternal and child health and nutrition. The state’s decision to set up the Nutrition Mission is an outcome of this yield. The Mission is expected to play a catalytic role in accelerating efforts directed towards reducing under-nutrition amongst children by converging and collaborating with nodal departments and ensuring effective and quality implementation of nutrition intervention.

Objective of the Mission -

The main objective of the Nutrition Mission is to work closely with the nodal departments of health and ICDS and other contributing departments to ensure effective implementation of ongoing schemes to reduce under-nutrition among children below three years.

State Nutrition Mission Target Groups -

The critical period for onset of under-nutrition is from conception till the first two years of life. The importance of the first two years is emphasized in the ICDS mission as well as NRHM. For sustainability and better convergence with the ICDS Mission and Multi-sectoral Plan of Action, Nutrition Mission will focus on intervention directed at the maternal nutrition and initial age group of three years of age in the first phase of implementation.

Scope of work of the Mission
The Nutrition Mission will review the implementation status of existing schemes/programmes covering essential interventions known to improve the nutritional status of children and support departments in taking corrective actions based on analyzed data and gaps. It will serve as an advocacy body and perform advisory, coordination and knowledge management functions. The Mission will be guided by the following scope of work:

  • Act as an advisory body for ICDS and NRHM for effective and quality scaling up of high impact nutrition interventions linked to their ongoing schemes/programmes.
  • Act as a coordinating body engaged in facilitating inter-sectoral collaboration for nutrition action among convergent departments like ICDS,NRHM, Rural Development, basic Education, Food and Civil Supplies, Panchayati Raj and others.
  • Perform the role of a monitoring body for nutrition schemes/interventions.
  • Strengthen data management, monitoring and reporting systems of departments linked to their existing MIS for tracking progress and achievements in the area of nutrition.
  • Use data and evidence to advocate and guide the departments in developing new policies in the area of nutrition.
  • Provide technical support to departments in optimal utilization of funds allocated for nutrition programmes.
  • Support departments in developing monitoring and evaluation plans as part of their annual programme implementation plans (APIP) and undertaking monitoring and evaluation activities with a view to track progress on nutrition schemes and plans.
  • Support departments in developing capacities of its human resource on nutrition interventions/schemes.
  • Provide guidance to identify research areas for evidence-based innovations which in turn will help the departments to plan for the innovations in their annual plans.