State Nutrition Mission,

Government of Uttar Pradesh

   About State Nutrition Mission
Scope of work of the Mission
  • Early Initiation of breast feeding within one hour
  • Exclusive breast feeding for six months
  • Timely introduction of breast feeding after six months, continued breast feeding for at least two year of age
  • Age-appropriate complementary feeding, adequate in terms of quality, quantity and frequency for children ages between 6–24 months
  • Micronutrient supplementation (vitamin A, Iron and Zn)
  • Safe handling of complementary foods and hygienic complementary feeding practices and fully immunized to the children
  • Referral of severely undernourished children specially those who come in category of wasted and provide treatment to critical cases in nutrition rehabilitation centres
  • Continue feeding during illness, treatment of diarrhoea with zinc and ORS
  • Improve food and nutrition intake for adolescent girls particularly to prevent to anemia
  • Improved food and nutrition intake of pregnant and lactating mothers and prevent them from anemia